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Video Submission Rules for Showcase Your Talent

We are looking for original material less than ten minutes that either informs or entertains.  This is separate from a news feature, which would be appropriate for our UReport category.

An IMF member will review all video submissions before they are posted on our site. Just because a video appears on Youtube does not mean it automatically will appear on our site. Your video must meet all our guidelines to be accepted. Please send your Videos (YouTube ready) to

Contest and  Compensation

Each month, on the last calendar day, the most viewed and commented upon video will be chosen as the winner and that video creator will receive $250.  The winner of each month will be entered in our year-end contest for the Grand Prize of $1000 for the best video entry of that year.  The same video may not be entered into the contest more than once in a year.  The point is to be creative and compete on a level playing field.

Quality of Work

Not all videos are accepted. They must meet our standards for good image and audio quality as well as creative content.


We are looking for original material! We want to see YOU perform or read your work! Islamic Media Foundation is a place for your expression and to showcase what YOU can do.  Think about ideas for commercials, Public Service Announcements, Character Counts/Good Character style ads, Muslim Talk Shows, Comedies; or even nasheed videos (of your own copyrighted work), spoken word (creatively presented); and any other category not mentioned here.  Your creativity is the only limit!

Model Release Form

Each person you interview or is seen in your news segment must sign a release form to protect you.  You can download the form here.

Copyrights and Ownership

By sending us your video, you are giving us the right to accept and publish your video to our site.  We will use the video as is, if it is approved. You keep all original rights to your work.  It should go without saying that the video should be your creative property and not ripped off from someone.  Please respect the creative work of others.

Give Credit To Those Who Actually Did It

We do not accept Lyric Videos, AMVs (Anime Music Videos) or other videos that are not live action or animated. You must give full credit in your description or in the video itself for ALL music, ALL images, TV clips, Movies, etc. that are used.  Please use public domain or free sites to avoide plagiarism or copyright infringement.  We will do our best to screen for plagiarism or copyright infringement, but we cannot take responsibility for work that is created deliberately on a lie and slips by us.  The author or creator will be responsible for any copyright infringement they commit.

Keep It Clean

Inappropriate content will not be accepted. In addition, no crude, discriminatory, derogatory, rude, violent or threatening content will be accepted.


If you are using a song, image or any other sampling that contains any profanity, you must bleep-out or omit those words entirely.

No Personal Information

Not within the video, but please provide contact information in the email body.

Your video cannot include phone numbers, home address, email addresses or last names of any individuals. Last names can be used if you are giving credit  for the work of others, though.

Maximum Length

Please keep your video to less than ten minutes. Preferred length is five minutes. Longer videos will not be approved.

No Marketing Videos

Islamic Media Foundation is exclusively for work created by our viewers. We do not post videos from ad agencies, PR companies or others who are marketing products, services, videos, etc.

Moderating – Comments

“Comments may be pre-moderated”

If your comments are deemed inappropriate or hateful, then they will not be posted.



Upon Approval we will list your work on our talent page. Stay tuned.


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